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Technology of constructing frame houses made of hemp

Technical hemp in the Arthouse Bud frame houses

Our company is a leader on the frame house market in Ukraine. The technical hemp insulation is eco-friendly and has a high level of thermal and sound insulation.

In 90% of cases the human life depends on the place of living, in particular because the private house first of all means the quality leisure time, coziness, moral and physical health. And if the house is built of the sustainable materials, this is a guarantee of comfort and confidence in the future. The lifetime of such house is about 100 years.

Каркасні будинки з коноплі львів, київ, одеса

Advantages of the frame houses made of hemp

Houses with insulated hemp can be operated for 80-100 years or more.
Our houses can resist the earthquakes of 8 points according to Richter scale
They allow reducing utility bills to one-third and live through the extreme winters of up to -60 °C
The foundations of our houses are made of the cement-chipboards formed without adding the other types of chemical compounds.
Materials of the frame houses from ArtHouse Bud undergo the complete technical inspection according to the European Standard.
The ready-made slabs are brought to the building site. Everything is constructed on your building site right off. Due to the newest technologies, all construction stages will be completed in 90 days!

Top 5 projects

The perfect modern home for a young family. Excellent planning and optimal distribution of space.

AREA 109,29 m2
HOUSE DIMENSIONS 10,25 m x 8,45 m
Garage -
Technologies Frame, ECO-frame, panels

A modern home that really “feels” you. The aesthetic combination of noble black and natural wood inserts simply leaves no chance of falling in love with it.

AREA 168,1 m2
HOUSE DIMENSIONS 12,4 m x 9,7 m
Garage +
Technologies Frame, ECO-frame, panels

Interesting and at the same time casual design will definitely be able to attract attention.

AREA 234,92 m2
HOUSE DIMENSIONS 13,2 m x 12 m
Garage -
Technologies Frame, ECO-frame, panels

The two-storey house has already become a real top seller this year.

AREA 190 m2
RESIDENTIAL AREA 15,42 m x 15,35 m
HOUSE DIMENSIONS 13,2 m x 12 m
Garage +
Technologies Frame, ECO-frame, panels

A one-story dream made of eco-materials will become that cozy family nest for your family.

AREA 66,9 m2
RESIDENTIAL AREA 11 m x 13,2 m
HOUSE DIMENSIONS 13,2 m x 12 m
Garage -
Technologies Frame, ECO-frame, panels
Каркасні будинки з коноплі львів, київ, одеса

Frame eco-house built with this technology is the best way for family living. It guarantees:

  • Warmth during winters and freshness during summer;
  • Saving on bills;
  • Only sustainable materials, water solution without harmful element.

the use of technical hemp in frame houses construction

Technical hemp frame house is built of the briquettes made of four-component solution. The mixture for the hemp bricks is mixed for a couple of minutes with the special mechanism, after which is placed into the wall openings. The hemp contains an essential amount of silicone dioxide, which has a strong effect in combination with the whitewash. Due to this combination, we get a strong material like cement, the weight of which, at the same time, is 1/7of the concrete weight.

The dry hemp briquette is much lighter than the ordinary brick, due to which it is easy to carry around the construction site and to create the light but long-lasting constructions. The solution may also strengthen and take the shape in the “shuttering” which allows using it in the construction of any building.

Advantages of the frame houses made of hemp

This material is stronger and lighter than ordinary brick, which facilitates construction and reduces costs.
Hemp mixture is cheaper than our usual structures, such as concrete. Because of this, the price of a house made of hemp is many times lower.
Due to its hypoallergenic properties, the walls are a kind of antiseptic for air in the house, which is very important for permanent residence.
The walls retain heat for a long time, which allows you to maintain a stable temperature in the house. Due to the fact that the components of the building mass are created directly on site, the process develops accurately and quickly. This allows you to create an almost unshakable framework. For example, Canadian frame houses can withstand even earthquakes.

How to buy the ready-made frame houses of hemp

The ready-made frame houses of hemp are the guarantee of quality, durability and sustainability. You can trust us, since ArtHouse Bud guarantees::

  • Huge range of projects;
  • Experience of more than 5 years at the market;
  • Private ready-made house just in 90 days.

With us you will get the ready-made frame house on the principles of accessibility, promptness and quality. To learn more about the project, visit our website or call us.

Каркасні будинки з коноплі львів, київ, одеса

The ARTHAUS BUD ™ company is the official representative of eco-warming from Technical Hemp from firm


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